Working with Sandy helped me a lot. I had trouble remembering a lot of information at school and my grades in math were very poor. She helped me to be able to think more clearly, remember more information and I have been doing better in Math and English. In English I can write faster and for Math I have been able to pay closer attention to the teacher and I get the concepts faster.
~ Biglerville teenager

His greatest improvement this past year I think has been his concentration. He can stay focused for longer periods of time, therefore, his comprehension (when listening) has improved, and he’s able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time with fewer disruptions from himself. ALSO, he is applying skills that he has learned independently, such as phonics, to sound out new words & attempting to spell words. ALSO, and this may be the most important thing…he is much more confident, and he is not so hard on himself when he gets something wrong. He is a natural perfectionist and likes to do his very best, but in the past he was more and more discouraged because his best was never perfect. YOU HAVE HAD AN ENORMOUS IMPACT ON HIM IN THIS AREA. When you worked with him you consistently told him “you don’t have to be perfect”, and he began to believe you. We have been trying to help him understand that for years, but he was beginning to give up on trying. You were never negative with him and even though you pushed him and challenged him you never gave him the impression that you were disappointed in his performance. This was huge for him! He now knows he’s not “stupid”, which is how he has felt having to do the same reading and phonics over and over for 3-4 years, and is very willing to keep learning, even though it may be hard for him.
~ Gettysburg parent of a dyslexic 3rd grader

Last year my son was struggling with his homework for an hour and a half or more each night. He worked with Sandy over the summer, and is now doing his homework in half the time, with very little help from me.
~ Gettysburg parent of a 3rd grader

Working with Miss Sandy has had a positive impact on my daughter in many ways. Her grades have improved; she works faster, understands assignments with more ease and now enjoys reading. She is better at multi-tasking, problem solving and her self- confidence has been given a large boost! I wish I had known of these approaches when she was in elementary school. I’m certain it would have prevented many years of struggling and frustration.
~ Biglerville parent of a 7th grader

The programs at The Learning Curve were an answer to our prayers. With a lot of hard work, our daughter has gone from crying every day after school and total frustration to loving to learn and feeling confident in her learning abilities. (Not to mention she has gone from failing math to an A and has made the honor role three times in a row!!!)
~ Very proud parent of a Littlestown 6th grader

My child was struggling in school and wasn’t getting the help he needed. School work and homework were a struggle for him. He would say that he hated school and he was only going into the third grade. We had to do something! We heard about The Learning Curves and started this last September. Since he has started the program, he doesn’t complain about doing homework and has been doing better with his school work.
~ Biglerville parent of a 3rd grader

Instead of being in a constant state of panic saying “I can’t do this! YOU Have to help me!” (Translated, You have to do it for me!) Now I hear constant complaining about the teachers and work load, for example, “I can’t believe how much homework they expect ME to do! This is ridiculous! I have four pages in this a project in this, I have a test in this tomorrow, blah, blah,..” I start to get worried, then she disappears! SHE’S DOING EVERYTHING ON HER OWN! It’s unbelievable!
~ Gettysburg parent of a 7th grader

My daughter can finally look at words to sound them out … memorization skills are better.
~ Biglerville parent of a 7th grader

Apparently things are going well because she has been coming home in a good mood for a change. We ask her how school is going and she says good, what a change from last year. There is a definite improvement in her abilities since working with you through the summer. We would definitely recommend your program to anyone who has a child struggling in school. Thanks for everything. 
~ Bendersville parent of a 5th grader


Our daughter was struggling through another year of 1st grade when her teacher recommended tutoring with Sandy Hartzell. In our first meeting with Sandy, we knew that Sandy would be dedicated to getting our daughter the help that she needed so that she would not struggle so much through school. Sandy has far surpassed our expectations. She has been a blessing to us and especially to our daughter.

Sandy worked consistently with our daughter and she has progressed very well, her reading level increased from a K-3 level, where she was at the beginning, to a 2-1 level at the end of the school year. Her spelling grade had also increased from a “C” average to an “A” average.

Although our daughter was doing well in most of her subjects, except for math, she also lacked in her social skills. Sandy again with her vast knowledge of disabilities and her wonderful resources searched until she found “The Listening Program.” Our daughter is now in her 5th month of this program. We and others have noticed great improvements in her social skills & her physical coordination. She’s also now has the ability to focus more on projects, which has helped her understand math. We believe Sandy “hit the nail on the head” when she found and recommended this program for our daughter.

As I said earlier, Sandy has far passed our expectations. Sandy, and The Listening Program have truly been a blessing to us and our daughter. We would highly recommend Sandy and any of these programs to anyone who has a child struggling with school.
~ Blue Ridge Summit parent of a 2nd grader

My daughter was having focusing and listening problems in kindergarten. So we started her on The Listening Program in August and she went through January. I had spoke to her first grade teacher before she started first grade about the problems she had in kindergarten so she would know about it. Her teacher said that she didn’t even realize that she had much of a problem until she finished the listening program. Then, she said that whatever you did before you need to do it again. She really liked the results that she got from The Listening Program. My daughter will start the next session of The Listening Program (Learning Ears®) in August preparing her for second grade.
~ Hanover parent of a 1st grader

Before I started Learning/Listening ears, I never could completely concentrate on my homework or when the teacher was talking. This has really helped me not just concentrate, but also remember things easier and when I read or listen to a story, I can picture everything that’s going on in my head. Yea, really cool!
~ Biglerville teenager


…she is paying attention well. What a difference the Interactive Metronome Training made! This was the first parent conference I did not dread going to. It was a nice feeling!!
~ Glen Rock parent of a 1st grader

I’ve been clumsy all my life – tripping over things, stumbling, dropping things. Bruises were a daily fact of life, and occasionally I would fall. When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 56, I knew that this clumsiness would soon lead to broken bones. I had seen my mother and grandmother go through years of pain and limited mobility because of it.

When Sandy described Interactive Metronome to me, I thought this might be the one thing that could offer me a healthy old age. I may have been the most frustrating client she ever worked with, because it took me much longer to progress and there were many parts of the program that she had to adapt to my limitations. Her patience was unflagging and she gave me the encouragement I needed to keep at it.

I learned to pay attention to how my arms and legs move, and to coordinate them. I also learned to pay better attention to where I am in space, and most important of all, I learned that I have much more control than I used to think. As a result, I don’t bump into things and rarely trip or stumble. When I do, I’m able to get my balance back. In a year and a half since then, I’ve hardly ever even had a bruise and have never fallen. What a difference! I had begun to dread the future. Now I can enjoy it.
~ Adult Interactive Metronome student from Gettysburg

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