Much More Than Tutoring

7522261_sAt The Learning Curves, our goal is to prepare the brain for learning by strengthening or developing the underlying thinking processes that allow academic skills to flourish.

Students of The Learning Curves find that they spend less time on homework. They report that they are able to pay better attention and are more successful in the classroom. The number one comment heard is that students feel more confident in their abilities to do their work independently.

“His greatest improvement this past year I think has been his concentration. He can stay focused for longer periods of time, therefore, his comprehension (when listening) has improved, and he’s able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time with fewer disruptions from himself. ALSO, he is applying skills that he has learned independently…”

~ a Gettysburg parent of a dyslexic 3rd grader

The services offered at The Learning Curves include programs appropriate for a wide variety of ages and learning issues, from those labeled learning disabled or dyslexic to others who simply struggle with school. Solutions to dyslexia, learning disabilities and attention problems are offered. A range of cognitive learning therapies address the underlying reasons students struggle.

Work is one-on-one with students and focuses on strengthening those skills needed for independent, academic successes. The needs of students vary greatly, and appropriate programs are matched to the individual’s learning needs. These needs are evaluated for FREE to determine the most appropriate program recommendation.

Many programs include work at home with parents. Parental assistance increases intensity and effectiveness while decreasing expenses.

Are there . . .

Academic, Reading, Math or Writing Problems?

  • Does Completing Homework Take Longer Than it Should?
  • Do you know Someone not Performing up to Potential in School?
  • Is Test Performance Poor Despite lots of Studying?
  • Is Reading a Struggle Despite Normal Intelligence?
  • Does it seem like the Student is simply Lazy, but has a lot of potential?
  • Do they avoid writing or have messy handwriting?

ADHD, ADD or other Attention Problems?

  • Is Impulsivity a Problem?
  • Is Sustained Focus Difficult to Maintain?
  • Are there Concentration Problems?
  • Do you know Someone that is Easily Distractible?

Language Development Delays?

  • Are there Auditory Processing Difficulties?
  • Was Speech Development Delayed?
  • Are there Sound Sensitivities?
  • Is the person Easily Distracted by Noise or seem Hard-of-hearing?
  • Do you know Someone that finds it difficult to sustain focus on Conversations or Instruction?

Developmental Delays?

  • Do you know someone that was late in the normal Developmental skills, like learning to tie shoes, or riding a two-wheeler?
  • Was it difficult learning to tell time, or learning to judge the passage of time?
  • Do they easily get confused with directions?
  • Were there problems learning to catch a ball?
  • Are they inconsistent in sports activities?
  • Do they seem clumsy and awkward?

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